About us

The objective of TALENTORY is to connect companies and professional recruiting firms from across Europe more efficiently, for the benefit of both sides - Talentory creates a Win-Win Situation. 

When your Company is looking for the best people to complete their team, you now have the chance to use the innovative Talentory platform to coordinate your entire recruiting process in a very simple and efficient way. The platform enables you to address and source the entire market of professional recruiting firms and find your perfect partners, that have the right network of people for your demand already at hand. Professional headhunters then deliver their best candidates within a very short period of time. Working on Talentory means working under transparent conditions for both sides and follow the same efficient logic. Once you found the perfect candidate you pay a success fee that you have communicated when starting your search. Note that you pay only on success basis, i.e. only when you hire a candidate through Talentory. 

TALENTORY provides professional recruiting firms access to a large number of top level mandates. Ultimately, recruiting firms significantly reduce acquisition costs and can increase revenues by easily finding new opportunities for their network of top-candidates. 


“Talentory has allowed us to noticeably speed up our recruiting process. The simple processes and efficient organisation cannot be understated. This is what we and our clients need.” 

Marc-Stefan Brodbeck, Head of Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Deutsche Telekom AG

And we are constantly looking for NEW talents wishing to join the team and become part of our exciting venture. START YOUR CAREER WITH US !