Organizing events has never been this easy!

Organize private and public events of all sizes

As a XING member you can organize events ranging from after-work cocktails through to international conferences with different ticket categories and entry management.

Tickets, price categories, discounts, entry management, and more

Sell online tickets to your event by using our professional tools to make it easy to organize events of all sizes:

  • Choose your own prices and categories (e.g. early bird, VIP, students, etc.).
  • Our system handles the entire process for you (i.e. creates and sends e-tickets, sends out bills and collects payments).
  • A handy free participant and entry management tool and other great features (stats, promotion codes, etc.).

Introductory video on selling event tickets

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These are just a few of the many companies that post events on XING:

Universities, education institutes, and companies of all sizes and industries use XING to organise a wide range of events such as trade fairs, product presentations, courses, conference and training sessions.

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