The day was nearly done
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The day was nearly done

For a hundred feet or so the ascent was practicable only by means of bosses of the club moss that clings to the rock fake oakleys.  Above this the ridge is weathered away to a slender knife-edge for a distance of two or three hundred yards, and thence to the summit it is a bristly mane of chaparral.  Here and there small openings occur, commanding grand views of the valley and beyond to the ocean.  These are favorite outlooks and resting places for bears, wolves, and wildcats.  In the densest places I came upon woodrat villages whose huts were from four to eight feet high, built in the same style of architecture as those of the muskrats.

The day was nearly done.  I reached the summit and I had time to make only a hasty survey of the topography of the wild basin now outspread maplike beneath, and to drink in the rare loveliness of the sunlight before hastening down in search of water.  Pushing through another mile of chaparral, I emerged into one of the most beautiful parklike groves of live oak I ever saw.  The ground beneath was planted only with aspidiums and brier roses.  At the foot of the grove I came to the dry channel of one of the tributary streams, but, following it down a short distance, I descried a few specimens of the scarlet mimulus; and I was assured that water was near.  I found about a bucketful in a granite bowl, but it was full of leaves and beetles replica oakleys, making a sort of brown coffee that could be rendered available only by filtering it through sand and charcoal.  This I resolved to do in case the night came on before I found better.  Following the channel a mile farther down to its confluence with another, larger tributary, I found a lot of boulder pools, clear as crystal, and brimming full, linked together by little glistening currents just strong enough to sing.  Flowers in full bloom adorned the banks, lilies ten feet high, and luxuriant ferns arching over one another in lavish abundance, while a noble old live oak spread its rugged boughs over all, forming one of the most perfect and most secluded of Nature's gardens.  Here I camped, making my bed on smooth cobblestones.

Next morning, pushing up the channel of a tributary that takes its rise on Mount San Antonio, I passed many lovely gardens watered by oozing currentlets, every one of which had lilies in them in the full pomp of bloom replica oakley sunglasses, and a rich growth of ferns, chiefly woodwardias and aspidiums and maidenhairs; but toward the base of the mountain the channel was dry, and the chaparral closed over from bank to bank, so that I was compelled to creep more than a mile on hands and knees.

In one spot I found an opening in the thorny sky where I could stand erect, and on the further side of the opening discovered a small pool.  "Now, HERE," I said, "I must be careful in creeping, for the birds of the neighborhood come here to drink, and the rattlesnakes come here to catch them."  I then began to cast my eye along the channel, perhaps instinctively feeling a snaky atmosphere, and finally discovered one rattler between my feet.  But there was a bashful look in his eye, and a withdrawing, deprecating kink in his neck that showed plainly as words could tell that he would not strike, and only wished to be let alone.  I therefore passed on, lifting my foot a little higher than usual fake oakley sunglasses, and left him to enjoy his life in this his own home. 

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