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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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Post job ads

  • How do I post a job offer?
    First, go to the top navigation bar and select "Jobs > Post job ad".

    There you can choose which kind of ad you'd like to post. Please contact us on +49 40 41 91 31 784 if you're interested in ad packages.

  • What are the advantages of posting an offer under Jobs on XING?

    Job ads on XING offer you the following benefits over conventional online job portals:

    • Reach non-job-seekers: We automatically share your vacancy with XING members matching your criteria by posting it on their homepage. That way your ad will also reach people who aren’t currently looking for a new job.
    • Find out more about applicants: You can view applicants’ XING profiles which often show you a lot more than a conventional CV. This is of benefit when it comes to the shortlisting process.
    • Take advantage of personal connections: We show people who click on your job ad who they know at the company or if they know someone who knows someone who works there. If an applicant gets in touch with one of your employees, they can let you know whether or not they’d be suited to the vacancy.
    • Use your Company Profile: All of your job ads are automatically listed in your Company Profile where you can show applicants why your company is a great place to work.
    • Provide genuine insights into your business: kununu employer reviews from your staff provide potential candidates with insights into your corporate culture, which is of benefit for both you and applicants.
  • How do I cancel my Jobs account?
    You can cancel your Jobs account at any time. Click here to go to the contact form.
  • What do job ads cost and how are they invoiced?

    To see our current offers and pricing, click on "Jobs > Post job ad ".

    There you can choose between a pay-per-click model where you’re billed for the number of clicks on your ad receives in a month (no basic fees, no minimum charges), and fixed-price products where you pay a fixed price at the end of the month. Your job ad must be activated within 1 month and will remain online for 30 days after activation.

    You will be billed at the end of the month. XING will send the invoice by e-mail, and your account or credit card will be charged for the invoice amount. Please get in touch with us on +49 40 41 91 31-784 if you’re interested in ad packages.

  • How long will my job ad stay online?
    TEXT ad (pay-per-click)
    Your job ad will online until the click limit you have set has been reached or until you have deactivated the job ad yourself. All job ads are automatically deactivated after 90 days, but can be copied again at any time and used as the basis for a new job ad.

    LOGO ad (fixed price)
    Your job ad will remain active for the standard 30-day period and then deactivated automatically, unless you reactivate it yourself. A deactivated ad can be copied again at any time and used as the basis for a new job ad.
  • How many job ads can I post?
    You can post as many job ads as you wish, as long as you are a Premium or Recruiter member and have a XING Jobs account.
  • My text ad is inactive even though the click limit hasn't been reached.
    You can use two types of click limits for your TEXT ad: an account limit that limits the number of monthly clicks on all text ads, and an individual click limit for each ad. If an ad reaches its individual click limit, it will be deactivated even though the total number of clicks has not been reached.

    You can see your account limit by going to "TEXT ads > Job ad overview" followed by "Jobs & Careers > Manage job ads". There you can click on "Change" to increase or delete your limit, thereby reactivating your ad(s).
  • What does the number of views refer to?
    Each offer includes statistics which show how often an offer has been viewed by members since it was placed online. Several clicks by the same member within a certain period of time are not counted here.
  • Can I reactivate my offer for a new period of time, without having to re-enter the information again?
    After you activate a job listing, it will remain visible for 30 days (fixed-price products) or for 90 days (for click-based pricing on TEXT ads). Your listing will then be archived under the "Manage Jobs" tab. If you wish to renew your posting, you can use an expired offer as the basis for a new one, making changes as you see fit, and then re-activate it. Your job listing will then go live again for all members.
  • Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for the Jobs section?
    You can find the special Terms & Conditions for XING Jobs on the "Post New Job" page and on the XING T&C page.
  • In which currency will I be invoiced?
    The currency billed depends on the business address. For changes to the billed currency, please contact us via the contact form.
  • How can I keep checks on what I spend?
    Only for TEXT ads (price-per-click): The click limit per offer and the monthly account limit allow you to maintain full cost control over your Jobs account. The click limit refers to the overall number of clicks on a single offer. The monthly account limit is a limit per month which you can set for the entire number of clicks on all of the offers you have activated.
  • How can I change the click limit per ad and my total account limit?
    Only for TEXT ads (price-per-click): If you want to set or change a click limit for an individual job you posted, just go to the "Manage Job Postings" option and click on the ad. If you want to change your monthly account limit for all job listings, go to the "Click account" tab on the "Manage Job Postings" page.
  • What exactly is a click?
    Only for TEXT ads (price-per-click): A click is counted whenever a member clicks on a job posting to view this offer. Clicks by XING employees and the person who posted the offer will not be counted. Several clicks made by the same XING member within a fixed, short period of time will only be counted as one single click.
  • How can I arrange for my XING Jobs invoice to be debited from my account again?
    If payment of your XING Jobs invoice fails, you can arrange to have your account debited again via the platform.

    In such cases we will notify you by e-mail and on the homepage, with a link to the corresponding form in each case. Please note that you can only arrange for your account to be debited again once for each reminder level.
  • Can a company be an invoice recipient?
    Yes, a company can be entered as an invoice recipient. If you would like to make this chance, please go to "Settings (cog symbol in the left sidebar) > Invoices & Accounts > Payment details for XING Jobs".

    XING offers members in all countries the option to pay by credit card and, if your business address is located in Germany, Austria, Netherlands or Spain, you can also pay by direct debit.
  • Can I limit the countries in which my job ad is shown?
    No. The language of your job ad will determine which XING members can view it. For example, if you post a job in German, only XING members who have included German in their profile will see the ad. There is one exception: Ads in English will be shown to all members, even those who have not included English in their profiles.
  • Will my job ad also be visible outside of XING?
    You can set your job listing so that it will be visible to non-members and can be indexed by search engines. You can select this option either when creating your job ad or by editing it later. Simply click on "Manage Jobs" on the XING Jobs homepage, then click "edit" next to the ad you wish to modify, and select the option "Public offer: Also visible to non-members and search engines".
  • How can I change my payment details or billing address?
    You can edit your address or payment information in the first step of posting a job ad, when you'll be asked to confirm your account information. You can also make changes on your personal XING homepage by going to the sidebar on the left and clicking on "Invoices & Accounts" -> "Payment details for XING Jobs". For the billing address, you can choose from your business or private address, or can enter a different address altogether.
  • Which payment methods are available for job ads?
    XING permits members in all countries to pay by credit card, and in addition, allows direct debit for members living in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Spain. If you would like to pay by invoice, please contact XING Support via our Contact form.
  • How can I activate or deactivate my XING Jobs ad?
    You can activate or deactivate your XING job ads individually by going to manage job ads. To do so, just click the activate or deactivate button next to the corresponding ad. Your job ad will be online and active or offline and invisible immediately.
  • How can I create a XING Jobs account?
    After selecting a product from the "Post New Job" page, you'll be directed to your Jobs account page. If you're a Premium Member, your billing address and payment details will be carried over from your Premium payment, and if you choose you can simply accept the XING Jobs Terms & Conditions and enter your password to create the account. You can make any changes you wish, and can select your business address, private address, or another address as the billing address. When you've confirmed the data, you'll be directed to the job posting page where you can create your ad.
  • How can I post job ads on XING?
    Every member can post a job ad on XING.
  • How does the Jobs section on XING work?
    The Jobs section on XING is an online careers portal with an innovative touch. SMEs and large companies can post job ads, and XING members can search for new jobs. Vacancies can also be found by non-members via search engines, if posters choose to allow this level of visibility. What makes our Jobs section different from other job sites? Automatic profile matching means that job ads relevant to members’ line of work and experience are displayed in Jobs and Careers. This way you can reach potential candidates who aren’t looking on the classic job market.