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I clicked on "Forgotten password?" but haven't received an e-mail.

First of all, please check to make sure you entered the right e-mail address (and/or user name) after clicking on the "Forgotten password?" link. If the e-mail address there is correct and you still haven't received an e-mail, please provide the following information which we need to make sure you're the profile owner:

- Date of birth
- Name of the person who invited you (if applicable)
- Address listed in your profile
- Phone number in your profile
- The last four digits of your bank account/credit card number (Premium members)
- The e-mail address in your profile
- Your current e-mail address (if not the one entered in your profile)

Once you've sent us this information we'll get back to you with your current login details. Should the need arise, we can also change your password for you. If you grant us permission to do so, we'll change your password and e-mail it to you.

Please send the above information to us via the contact form.