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Merge XING accounts / delete a profile no longer needed

Sorry, but XING accounts cannot be merged. We therefore recommend you delete the profile you don't need by logging into that profile and then following the instructions here:;id=185

(You can either click on this link or copy and paste it to your address bar (URL).

If you are no longer able to delete the profile because you can't access it, we can of course do this for you but would need you to provide us with the following information from that profile to verify your identity:

- Activated e-mail address
- Date of birth
- Name of the person who invited you (if applicable)
- Business address entered in the profile (postal address)
- Phone number (business or private)

Once you've sent us this information we'll delete this account for you.

If you'd like to access an old profile you can't get into right now, please send us your current e-mail address and delete the newer profile as described above.

Please send the above information to us via the contact form

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