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Code of conduct for group members and moderators

  1. Every XING Groups user is aware of and respects XING's General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Any misuse of this code of conduct (coc) or XING's GTC may lead to expulsion from the group, withdrawal of moderator rights, or cancellation of XING membership.
  2. Responsibilities: Moderators are the point of contact in the event of a violation of the code of conduct and extensions to individual rules for specific groups. Group members should use the "Report to the moderators" feature to draw the moderators' attention to certain content.
    XING will intervene if the GTC are violated. If in doubt, moderators and group members can contact
  3. Group members should always maintain a respectful tone and observe the netiquette terms, even if they are the subject of criticism. This applies to all forms of communication on XING, but in particular when posting in groups.
  4. Moderators are at liberty to introduce more rules in addition to this code of conduct. If a moderator does so, they are required to let members know about these additional rules as well as the group's visibility settings.
  5. Content of an advertising nature is not prohibited in groups. Group users should however keep such content to a minimum, make sure it's relevant to the group, and always mark advertising as such. Spam can be reported at any time by contacting Moderators may not expect to receive money from their members for granting group membership or for their work as a moderator.
  6. Image rights guidelines for the new XING Groups:
    • As a XING Groups user, you are solely responsible when posting images. Always make sure you observe third-party rights and are permitted to post an image because you created it yourself, have been granted utilisation rights by the creator, or are sure that it is a freely available work. Also make sure you always state the source or creator of any image material you use.
    • Should you come across a violation of your image material in a group, please contact the XING team via the contact form and also submit your proof of copyright. We'll then look into the issue on your behalf.
    • As a group moderator you're neither responsible for the content (including image material) of posts in your group. Should a member report a copyright violation to you, please check whether the violation is indeed unlawful and, if it is, remove the content. If you're unsure about any of this, feel free to contact the XING team via the contact form.
  7. Moderator will only delete posts if their content is in some way problematic, e.g. violates XING's GTC or netiquette). Moderators are also at liberty to move or close a thread if the discussion deviates too far from the original post or thread topic.
  8. Moderators play an active part in their group. In the event of sustained inactivity on the part of the moderator, XING reserves the right to dissolve the group or replace the moderator.
  9. Moderators do not have to tolerate disturbances aimed at the group or an individual. Should a member prove to be a nuisance, moderators may issue a warning and threaten to expel them. Moderators must have issued at least one warning by means of a personal message, e-mail, phone call, etc. before expelling a member from their group. Warnings must of course state the reason why they have been issued and members are permitted to respond to the warning. Should a member be expelled from a group, the member should be notified in a polite manner.
    If a warning cannot be send to a member, the warning shall be saved. If a group rule is violated again, group members can be expelled if they did not receive the first warning.