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New groups version: What's changed?

Our new groups are designed to make it easier for people to exchange information and opinions with one another. To achieve this, we made the following changes:

  • Post faster than ever: You can now post right from the group's homepage, avoiding the need to navigate to the relevant forum.
  • Images and videos: Group members can now add videos and images to their posts, thus making them multimedia.
  • Available on iPhone and Android: Now users can get involved while out and about as the new groups section is available via the iPhone and Android apps.
  • Group presentation: The new "About this group" tab is a great way for moderators to describe their group with text and images.
  • Moderator news:These are special posts only available to moderators and are indicated as such.

Visibility of public and closed groups

DescriptionPublic groupsClosed groups
Group name and description can be found on XINGYesYes
Members and content also available to non-group membersYesNo
New members have to be confirmed by a moderatorNoYes
Only group members can post and comment in groupsYesYes
Group can be found by search engines and outside of XINGNoNo

The new groups section has both moderators and group owners. The latter is highlighted by means of a larger profile photo and is the main contact person for group members.