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Inviting people to join your group

Select potential group members
Please consider the following before inviting someone to join your group:

  • Who is your target group?
  • Why do you think the person you want to invite would be interested in your group? Take the time to browse their profile and see what they entered in their “Wants”, “Haves” and “Interests” fields.
  • Are you merely sending out invitations to add as many people as possible to your group? (Members will realise this and refuse to join your group. They may even report it as spam!)

Invitation process
How to invite people to join your group:

  • Go to the profile of the person you’d like to invite and click on “more”.
  • Select the option “Invite to join a group”.
  • Fill out your invitation and click on “Send”.
That person will now receive an invitation containing a link to your group where they can accept your invitation or, if it’s a closed group, request membership.

Invitation message
Here are two handy tips you should think about before sending out invitations:

  • Let the person know why you think your group would be beneficial to them.
  • Address the person by their name as this is more personal and will increase your chances of them accepting your invitation.