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Moderators and Ambassadors: What's the difference?

Moderators help to support their groups from a content and administrative perspective, and also ensure that the code of conduct is complied with. As a contact person for group members, they mediate in the event of any problems and also help to ensure a clear forum structure and generate their own content to encourage discussion.

Ambassadors are moderators who spread the word for XING. They meet certain requirements and are permitted to organise official Ambassador events. XING provides Ambassadors with extra support, but do not receive any payment for their work.

There are two kinds of Ambassador: regional and "Xpert".

  • Regional Ambassadors moderate large regional groups and organise events in their area on a regular basis. The combination of online and offline activities is a great way to boost networking and interaction between group members.
  • Xpert Ambassadors moderate large industry-specific Xpert Ambassador groups and are experts in their field. A lot of Xpert groups are often used as a forum for continuing discussions often initiated offline at events, trade fairs and the like. A lot of Xperts also organise their own events.

When organising events, regional and Xpert Ambassadors can work together and even reach out to other XING regional groups that don't have an official status in order to achieve the common goal of providing the XING community with a great networking experience.

We set great store on helping our moderators, which is why we have a community team to support them with any issues or questions they may have. If you're a group owner, moderator or Ambassador, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form.