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Search alerts: receive automatic notifications about interesting new members

You can receive automatic e-mail notifications if someone matching your criteria signs up to XING. You can, for example, see if one of your work colleagues has joined XING (Premium function). Here’s how it works:

Create a search alert
Here’s how to set up automatic notifications:

  1. Click on "Advanced search " next to the search box, then on "Members".
  2. Enter your search criteria and hit "Search".
  3. If you need to, refine your search results using the filters on the right-hand side.
  4. Now click on the "Create search alert " link above the search results.
  5. Now you can enter a name for your search alert and set a search interval (weekly or daily).
  6. That’s it! Just click on "Save" to activate your search alert.

Manage and delete search alerts
You can have up to 20 search alerts at any one time. The link provides you with an overview of your search alerts and the option to delete any you no longer need.

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