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Professional experience and educational background

  • Editing or sorting professional experience entries

    Edit entries or add new ones
    Simply go to the entry in the “professional experience” section of your profile you’d like to edit and click on the pencil symbol. Now you can make any changes you’d like to make and click on save. If you’d like to add a new entry, just click on “Add” next to the “professional experience” header.

    Sort entries
    Entries are sorted automatically based on whether or not you entered time periods for your entries. If you did, then the latest entries will appear at the top and the oldest entries at the bottom. If not, the entries will be sorted in the order in which you entered them.
    If you’d like your entries to appear in a certain order, the way to do it is to not use any dates and add the entries in the order in which you want them to appear, i.e. the entry you want to appear last should be entered first, and vice versa.

    Exception: The position you selected as your current position which appears next to your name will always appear at the top.

    Delete entries
    Simply go to the entry in the “professional experience” section of your profile you’d like to edit and click on the pencil symbol. Now you can click on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

    Tip: We recommend you add as much professional experience as possible and list your duties for each position. This helps to improve the quality of your profile as well as your chances of being found by current and former work colleagues.

  • How can I add or change qualifications on my profile?
    You can enter individual professional qualifications you may have in your profile, under "Educational background". Just click on the "Edit" button underneath "Qualifications". Please enter each qualification separately. If you wish to enter another qualification, just click on the plus sign. By entering each qualification separately, you make it easier for other XING members to find your profile.

    Here are some sample qualifications: Certified public accountant (1997); English as a second language (TOEFL 1999); System Administrator (MCSA, MCSE)
  • Entering, editing or deleting education details

    Visit your profile and go to the “profile details” section. There, scroll down to the “educational background” section and click the “Add” button to either add a new entry or edit an existing one. A form will then appear containing the entries you can now edit. At the end of the form you can then save your changes or delete everything.

    Feel free to enter all of your educational experience that’s relevant to your career, including degree courses, internships, training courses, etc.

  • Einen Lebenslauf mit den XING-Profildaten erstellen

    Sie können bei mit den Angaben Ihres XING-Profils schnell und unkompliziert einen persönlichen Lebenslauf erstellen und diesen dann als PDF speichern oder ausdrucken.

    Klicken Sie dazu auf einfach auf "Lebenslauf importieren" und dann "Von XING". Sie erhalten nun einen fertig gestalteten Lebenslauf, der mit den Eingaben auf Ihrem XING-Profil vorausgefüllt ist. Sie können diesen Lebenslauf auch noch ergänzen, das Design ändern, Anlagen hinzufügen etc.