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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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Profile tips

  • What does a profile need to be good?

    Your XING profile is your online business card, so we recommend you take the time to fill it out and keep it up to date. You should pay particular attention to the following points:

    Profile photo
    Your photo is key to making a good first impression, so choose a photo where you’re easy to recognize and have a friendly expression. As with any of your profile data, you can change your photo as often as you like.

    The portfolio feature offers you a number of great ways to showcase yourself professionally on XING.

    Personal information section (old profile version) / profile details (new profile version)
    This section is important because the information you enter here helps other people to find you and also makes it easier for us to provide you with suitable job ads, group and event suggestions, etc.

    Add your skills to the “Haves” section. If you’re a freelancer, you should also list your products and services.

    Use the “Wants” section to let people know whether you’re on the lookout for new projects, contacts, discussions with people from your industry, etc.

    The “Interests” section gives you an opportunity to list things you’re interested in both professionally and privately. This also helps us to provide you with suitable group and event suggestions.

    Professional experience section
    Here you should build up a list of the places where you’ve worked in the past together with a description of your duties so visitors to your profile can see your career up until now.

    Educational background section
    Enter where you studied in the university field as well as the main areas of study to showcase your expertise.

  • How do I enter terms correctly?
    Fill out the "Wants" and "Haves" options on your profile. You can enter specific terms here such as "media consultancy", "partnerships", "controlling". Having these terms on your profile allows other members to find you using the search feature.
  • What will increase my chances of being found?
    Please use keywords rather than continuous text in fields like "Wants" and "Haves" to achieve the best-possible results.
    Example: Sales partners, coaching, Linux, recruitment consultancy …
  • Which terms should be avoided?
    Avoid large blocks of text and formulations that are too general. Listing "Wants" such as "Contacts" rarely leads to the desired results. Keywords and commonly used terms that apply to you are ideal.
  • What are "profile settings", and how can I change them?
    You can make changes to your profile by clicking on "Settings" (cog symbol in the left sidebar) > "Privacy". For example:

    • whether you would like your groups to be displayed
    • whether your activity index should be visible
    • and whether your portfolio should be visible.

    Note: The profile settings do not contain any information that affects your shared personal information.