Find employees that fit right in to your company

Find employees that fit right in to your company

Receive suitable applications from candidates that fit right in to your company by adding extra information to your job ads.




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To post a job ad, please log in to XING or sign up now

To post a job ad, please log in to XING or sign up now

To post a job ad, please log in to XING or sign up now

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No minimal fee: You determine how many clicks you want to pay for Including text formatting + up to 20 candidates automatically suggested to you Upload your ad in a PDF – or have XING make the layout for you
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XING job ads give you more

Reach out to passive job-seekers
We automatically recommend your vacancies to XING members that meet your ad criteria. The recommendation appears on people's homepage so you can appeal to passive job-seekers as well.
Take advantage of personal connections
We show job ad visitors any contact links they may have to the company. If a job applicant gets in touch with an employee at your company, they can vouch for their skills.
Showcase yourself as an employer
Your job ads are also automatically posted on your Company Profile, meaning that you can use your Company Profile to boost your appeal as an employer.
Authentic insights into your company
kununu reviews posted by your employees give potential candidates more authentic insights into your company so they can decide whether they fit in with your corporate culture.
Find out more about your job applicants
Personal XING profiles often tell you a lot more about job applicants than a normal CV would.

Satisfied XING Jobs customers

  • Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world's largest franchise systems always on the lookout for sales-oriented people who are interested in going self-employed based on a tried-and-trusted business idea and strong partner. Here at XING we can find just the right people for this challenge at low cost, making us an excellent way of finding top-quality candidates.
    Ute Petrenko, Franchise Development Manager, Mail Boxes Etc. - MBE Deutschland GmbH
  • We've used XING Jobs in the past to fill a number of vacancies at our company. The battle for top talent is hotly contested in our industry, but XING has proven to be an effective, low-cost addition to our other recruiting channels.
    Charly Böhle, Head of Human Resources, RheinEnergie AG
  • Within a week of posting our first-ever ad on XING Jobs we'd already hired a highly qualified person to fill a position in our marketing team. The quality and quantity of candidates were very high, and we were impressed by the price-performance ratio. We'd recommend it to anyone!
    Emily Coley, Marketing Manager, SHATLER's Getränke GmbH
  • Thanks to our cooperation with XING, Bertelsmann has attracted a lot of attention among qualified individuals from various sectors. The ability to contact people not actively looking for a job is a real plus. We're very happy with the professional service provided by XING. We look forward to working with them in the future.
    Manuela Ebbes-Barr, Director, Bertelsmann Recruiting Services
  • As a mid-sized consulting and service partner, AUREN is always on the lookout for interesting applicants. We help our customers to find the right people to fill their vacancies based on specific profiles. XING's wide range of recruiting tools are ideal for this task. About 70% of vacancies were filled by applicants we found via XING.
    Birgit Ennemoser, HR Director, AUREN

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