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AEGEE Europe

AEGEE Europe - European Students Forum

Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe

AEGEE is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary students association, which promotes a unified Europe, cross-border co-operation, communication, integration among students and aims to create an open and tolerant society. It is a voluntary, non-profit, secular and politically independent organization. It is represented in 260 university cities, in 42 countries across Europe and has about 17.000 members. Being founded in 1985, AEGEE celebrated its 20th anniversary and 20 years of European integration in 2005.

What makes AEGEE truly European is that it does not act on a national level but solely relies on local groups, antennae, in nearly every university city in Europe. The structure itself is aimed at breaking down physical and mental borders between students from all over Europe.

Main field of Actions
AEGEE mainly deals with topics in the area of Higher Education, Peace & Stability, Cultural Exchange and Active Citizenship. These are the Main Fields of Action for AEGEE. Inside the framework provided by the Main Fields of Action, AEGEE is developing a wide variety of activities. These activities are aimed at involving students from all over Europe in several European level projects. Every year, thousands of young people across Europe, benefit from the projects developed by our network.

Competencies of AEGEE members
Being active in AEGEE helps to develop several key skills qualifications, like
- project and event management, usually in multicultural teams.
- travelling, cultural awareness and languages
- virtual working (mail, online conferences, mailinglists)
- networking and marketing
- thinking global - Eurocitizens

This group is for former and active members of AEGEE

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