African Tax Experts

African Tax Experts

African Tax Experts. The purpose of this Group is to share and collect best practice in the field by open discussions and input from anyone with knowledge and interest in the field of African business and taxation. Fiscalidade e oportunidades de negocio em Africa. Africa’s recovery from the global economic
crisis has been faster than it has in many other parts of the world. Indeed, Africa has seen what can be termed an “economic resurgence” over the past decade: between 2001 and 2010, gross domestic product growth on the continent averaged 5.2 percent annually—a rate also expected in 2011, and higher than the global average of 4.2 percent. To grow further and be globally competitive. Africa needs to put in place the conditions for a vibrant private sector. The time is propitious to support reform and to help Africa improve its competitiveness and growth prospects. In today’s interconnected world, Africa’s prosperity is important to all of us, both as a source of global growth and to promote an inclusive and sustainable globalization.


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