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Amazing Dreamers: A Global Community Committed to You and Your Dreams

Congratulations! By joining Amazing Dreamers, you’ve taken the first step to achieving your dreams in the easiest, fastest and best way possible! Led by Marcia Wieder, Founder of Dream University® and the dream expert that Oprah and David Bach recommend, this is the place where you can access everything you need to make your dreams real today. And, the best part is that you have access to this free community anytime you need it – day or night!

How You Can Benefit from the Amazing Dreamers Community

Immediately after joining, you will receive your dream gifts. And, as a member of this exclusive community, you will:

• Access 30 Certified Dream Coaches committed to help you succeed
• Network with visionaries and business experts around the globe
• Receive powerful e-books, tele-seminars and Dream Tools
• Find a Dream Buddy (great for accountability and support)

Now You’ve Joined…What’s Next?

After you sign up to be a part of the Amazing Dreamers community, you will want take these three steps to gain maximum benefit from your membership.

1) Download Your Bonus Gifts – these are available under the “free resources tab” in the member area
2) Share Your Dream with in Amazing Dreamers Forum
3) Take Immediate Steps Toward Your Dream by Listening to Marcia’s Dream Teleseminars

Ways You Help Make This an Amazing Community of Dreamers

We ask for your help in making this the best place for dreamers. As you network and build relationships with fellow dreamers, we respectfully ask you to refrain from:

• Aggressively challenging people's dreams or ideals as they may be in a vulnerable time of their life
• Raising strong religious and spiritual believes which could offend or inhibit people's active participation
• Showing up with a 'doom and gloom' outlook
• Perform any direct/indirect marketing or any form of direct/indirect solicitation from our members

I envision that Amazing Dreamers will be the world’s largest and most active Dream Community, transforming the lives of its members. It’s the place where big things happen – and where I can support you. I will help you get what you want, in any area of your life: relationships, career, finances, health and fitness, and much more.

Follow Your Heart and Dream Big,

Marcia Wieder
Founder of Dream University®

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