American- German Business

American- German Business

American German Business serves the exchange of ideas over international and more precise transatlantic business relations.

The goal is to compare business cultures, analyze success models and get knowledgeable about legal, tax and immigration issues are only a few things this Group can offer for you.

Welcome! Please join us and it is good to have you here. Please feel free to write your posts in English and in German but please be aware that you may reach a larger audience if you choose English.

Greetings from Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA
Reinhard von Hennigs

[DE] American-German Business dient dem Gedankenaustausch über internationale und vor allem transatlantische Geschäftsbeziehungen. We welcome posts in English and in German.

Andere Business Kultur, andere Erfolgsmodelle und Kommunikationsformen (we are the best forum in the universe...), andere Rechtsformen finden sich hier ebenso wie konkrete Geschäftsofferten.

This board is open to all, posts are welcome in English and in German. Due to a recent change at openBC language setting it may be confusing, but please post in the same way as you did in the past. I personally will post in both languages - je nach Tagesform ;-)

Welcome and I am looking forward to an interesting and mind challenging discussion!


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