Anger Management

Anger Management

Dear Managers around the world,
We are managing day by day many topics and many issues and making decisions ..................and getting angry about this and that!! But did you seat a moment and think about how can you manage your anger, bred by some problems with your colleagues, some customers or whatever makes you angry? We have to find some solutions for us!

Please do not underestimate your anger, than it can damage your carrier, your private life and your partnership, destroy your relationship with the people around you, it cans bring you in to some snafu situation, Anger can take you to the prison and can either kill you. So keep your Anger in your consciousness and try to manage that! As we are managers!

You are asking how? That is the reason why we are in this group to tell each other how to do it and if you know how please let us know! maybe your support help some one to prevent lots of problems!

Please do not forget one important and major point: Anger can have not only impact in your life, it has a huge influence in the life of people who are living and working with you and around you.

Best regards
Mehrzad Shariati

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