Anglophones in France

Anglophones in France

Greetings to all English speakers in France... American, British, Canadian, you name it... everyone is welcome... =)

This is your group to discuss everything great, as well as anything that you find not so great, about living in, working in and loving France. Jump into the discussion and add your perspective. Feel free to discuss everything from networking to language to food to La Poste to ....

There is an Introduction forum, which would be a wonderful place for you to, um, Introduce yourself. Tell us about you, what brings you to France, more about your interests, whatever you would like.

There is great potential to share our resources and relationships as English speakers in France, both online and in person. I look forward to getting to know many more of you and the friendships and business relationships that result.

Happy Franglais Networking...
Ethan Pierse - Moderator


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