ARM Based Group

ARM Based Group

The ARM Based Group was created in 2008. The ARM Based Group focuses on gathering people around Job, Career opportunities, and in the future, Vocational Training for students. The major actors of the Digital world are represented: Chip and Board Designing, Embedded and OS Software, Marketing, Human Resource, Recruiters, Students and Professors. The ARM Digital Community is on the move. Employees, Engineers, Managers, Directors, Vice-Presidents sit at the same table for the ARM RISC Architecture.

More than 50 big companies have joined us:

IP Design Center:
ARM, Wavecom, Renesas, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Freescale, NXP, LSI Logic, Energy Micro, Scaleo chip, Marvell, Symwave.

SoC Design Center:
Freescale, Cypress, Texas Instruments, Intel, Atmel, Wavecom, Cypress, Maxim Integrated Products, Renesas, Samsung, ST-NXP Wireless, NXP, LSI Logic, Energy Micro, Scaleo chip, Marvell, Symwave, Nuvoton, Rockchip, California Eastern Laboratories, IC Microsystems, Intrinsix Corp.

Development Tool:
Synopsys, Cadence Design System, Mentor Graphics, Green Hills Software, Inc., Code Red Technologies, SEGGER Microcontroller, QNX Software Systems, Direct Insight, Axilica.

Software / OS Development:
Adeneo, SPIRIT DSP, SEGGER Microcontroller, QNX Software Systems, Tata Elxsi, Direct Insight Cheshire Engineering.

End Application Companies:
ST Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens Medical Solutions, Garmin, GM, Semiconductor and Systems Wipro Technologies, Philips, Lexmark Research, Valeo Vision Systems, Samsung, Cisco Systems, Citizen Scale I Pvt. Ltd., Toshiba Electronics, Fujitsu, Alstom, Canon, Western Digital, SIDSA, Nuance communications

As soon as you are an active member of the ARM Based Group, there is not any constraint, you can contact anyone through the LinkedIn interface. To join the group, an approval is necessary from our moderator to avoid any drift and to provide the group with a strong network of professional people.


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