AVL Powertrain Calibration Tools

AVL Powertrain Calibration Tools

This group has been found to enable individuals within the field of Powertrain Calibration to explore the AVL Calibration Tools in order to capture the wide range of application areas.
Members of the “AVL – Powertrain Calibration” are invited to share their thoughts and ideas about the industry, as well as forward their experiences with AVL products.

Instrumentation and Test Systems

Why do our products become more important in the automotive industry?

CO2 reduction, increasing complexity of new powertrain systems, simultaneously with highest requirements to process efficiency, and a quick market launch of new models are the challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s automotive industry.
AVL supports you with a comprehensive and integrated product portfolio for simulation, inspection and test systems in order to open up potentials for the increase in efficiency in the development process and to quickly make innovative technologies for electrification of the powertrain market-ready.

Which products might improve your work efficiency as a calibration engineer?

May we introduce our calibration tools? Short and precise!

- Securely store your control unit data in one central repository
- Generate calibration datasets without conflicts
- Track all modifications and monitor the whole calibration process

- Carry out automated and self-adaptive test runs to improve your testbed efficiency
- Integrate your specific test run procedures using standardized interfaces
- Use one tool for the test run and the DoE data analysis

- Standardize your calibration process
- Use application specific workflows for a professional calibration post-processing
- Simulate and calibrate xCU functions for efficient calibration in the office
- Execute data-based map calculation

What is left to say?
- If we arouse your interest in our tools and you want to receive exclusive information to one of them feel free to contribute your questions in this group.
- In chase you already use our products we would be pleased to discuss your experience with our tools.
- As we are keen to constantly improve our calibration tools we invite you to communicate your visions concerning the calibration industry as your input might be considered in further product developments.

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