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Events, Training and Coachings

Here we will post/list, the different official B2B Sales Forum events, training and coachings....

Events, Training and Coachings Feedback

Feedbacks & comments regarding our events, training and coachings can be post here...

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Sales Wisdom and Motivational thought of the Day

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Motivational Sales Thoughts

Do you have a motivational sales thought - here you can post it

Inspiring Sales Quotes

Do you have a Inspiring sales thought or quote - here you can post it

B2B Sales - Lessons Learned

Share what you have learned and or experienced


B2B Sales

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Sales in General

Every topic that does not fit in any other category is welcome here (as long it is B2B sales related).

Sales Methods

This a collection of some good existing Sales methods / techniques and approaches

Best practice

Share your experience and enrich the group with best practice approaches


Everything about prospecting, from finding new customer up to successful approaches


Share your experience and discuss existing methods and approaches

Customer loyalty

It is a known fact that it is 6-9 times harder to sell to a new customer instead of keeping an existing one. So let’s talk about how to keep your customers interested

Value based Selling

Discuss all the different aspects of how and why it is crucial to sell value, identify how you can create value, and strengthen you capabilities to communicate value based, complete and close a value

Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Discuss all the different aspects of self and social competence as well as social motivation and how emotional intelligence can improve your sales performance

Selling to CxOs

This is for all sales responsible persons who want to discuss and share how to improve their competencies concerning selling to senior executives.

Partner and Channel Sales

Share how to improve channel/partner sales in discussing how to refine and strengthen your partner management skills, develop better techniques for managing and utilizing the partner network.


This section is devoted to sharing different kind of negotiation considerations and how they can be incorporated into your communication and positioning, as well as sharing different negotiation metho

Sales Psychology

All about the psychological aspects in the selling process – from the identification to the understanding of your customers’ psychological needs and wants

Closing Sales

At the end its all about closing. Therefore we looking in this section for some effective closing strategies.

Software Solutions

Here we discuss topics like: Sales Automation Software, Customer Relation Software (CRM), etc.

Job Box

Do you have some valuable job offers? Or you are looking for some qualified sales professionals? Or could you recommend a Headhunter? Or do you looking for a Job? Feel free to post here….

Questions & Answers as well as Search/Find - Invite

Here you can ask group members questions and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Are you looking for someone/something or want to invite somebody to something? Feel free to post here….

Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback

Here you have the chance to submit and discuss ideas, suggestions, and improvements for the group.

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