The Baltic Connection

The Baltic Connection

The Baltic Connection is the ultimate networking tool for people interested in the Baltic countries whether living inside or outside these old and history-rich countries.

The Baltic region offers a great gateway to sooth both European and Asian markets with good ties with both Russia and other European countries. By joining the European Union the Baltics can offer a motivated workforce and a lot of new ideas for the markets.

The Baltic Connection forum also hopes to work as a meeting place for local businessmen and professionals alike, eventually getting Xing meetings going on in the Baltic Countries.

The Baltic Connection forum will also act as a hub for the Baltic English Speakers Society (Bessy), a non-profit Gentlemen's (and Ladies') Club aiming to improve the level of English language in the Baltic countries and give a chance for English speakers living in Baltia to meet in monthly meetings.

Ready for the brave, new world? Think Baltic.

Something to get people started:

1. When you join the Connection, we would appreciate for you to introduce yourself in the Member Secrets topic in the Lounge. What brought you here, what do you do, what would you like to do, what to do you expect from the Connection?
2. We all are here to make new friends and learn from each other and their experience, share the wealth of your knowledge so we could all become better people.
3. There are no stupid questions or topics.
4. Be active.

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