BANKINGCLUB-ONLINE BANKINGCLUB is one of the largest forums for bankers and financial service providers online! This dynamic group fosters exchange among bankers, financial service providers and insurance agencies working all over the world. Members of this target group do not need to provide an elaborate reason for joining the group (We ask you, however, not to leave the “reason for wishing to join” field empty after clicking on “Join now!” button.) Please be assured that your request will be treated within 24 hours. Members of related industries, such as business advisors, IT experts, coaches, etc., are also welcome guests. We kindly ask, however, for an explanation as to why you would like to join the group and that you do not use the group solely as a platform for advertising your services. The organization behind this group is the BANKINGCLUB (, an “off-line,” German-based group with representation and activities in 10 German cities, including Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin, as well as Vienna, Austria. These events are always organized with our partner group, the INSURANCECLUB, which is represented on XING by the following group:

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