All about Beijing

All about Beijing

All about Beijing is the name of the game. This group is dedicated to bringing you as much information, in English, as possible about Beijing. We hope that this will be THE place for Chinese nationals, old China hands, new expatriates and first time visitors to meet and to exchange news and views.

Had a great experience - tell us all so that we too can enjoy it.

Had a bad experience - warn us so that we do not make the same mistake.

Relocating to Beijing and feel a little nervous - talk to us. We've been there, done that and still got the "T" shirt to prove it.

Relocating out from Beijing so use this forum to keep in touch and lets us benefit from your hindsight.

Organising, or wish to promote, an event in Beijing? Please feel free to post it here so that we can all know about it.

Looking for a job in Beijing or looking for staff? Please feel free to post it here.

In short this is The Beijing Page. A forum dedicated to mutual Beijing related help so that we can all enjoy our time in the capital of ones of the world's most vibrant cities.

We have volunteered to be the Moderators of this group because we enjoy living in Beijing (apart from the traffic and.... and....) and we like to help people.

So come and join us here in the "All about Beijing Group" and lets make this Beijing Page the ultimate fountain of Beijing related knowledge.

We can not do it alone!!!

We need you to help us help you help them.

The Moderators.


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