Business in Saudi Arabia

Business in Saudi Arabia

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    In general, these programs (Private investment programs-PPP and Buy - Sell Trading Programs) get a very high profit compared to the common benefit available to traditional investments

    Most people do not believe that a yield of 50% to 100% a week is possible. It is more a problem of knowledge of the work programs and lack of experience in trading with financial instruments and especially understanding of how the financial system work and how money is created.

    Suppose a leverage of 10:1, which means that the trader is able to make a copy of each sale transaction with 10 times the amount of money the investor has in his bank account.

    Let's say the investor has 20 Million Euros, so the Trader is able to work with 200M Euros. Now let's assume that the Trader is able to make a purchase and sale transactions per day for 4 days a week for 40 banking weeks, and that the benefit is 10% for each sale transaction. That makes 10% x 4 = 40%, and the multiplier effect of the gain will be 10 times higher, that is to say 400% per week.

    Then, this return will be divided between the investor and the Trader or Trading Group, but the final net return to investors will remain a double-digit weekly performance!

    Also note that the above example can still be considered conservative because, the leverage can be higher, the trader can get a much larger margin for each transaction , and also a higher number of transactions will improve the final performance .

    We understand that these returns may seem high, but that is because we are comparing them with traditional investment .

    Vicente Piqueras
    Ex-Economist for the Economic and Commercial Office at the Spanish Embassy in London-United Kingdom
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    You are right, but as you say that (the benefit is 10% for each sale transaction), the coin might just get reversed.. there is no guarantee how the markets move... and if the 20m put in 1:10 leverage is poorly allocated, then the loss on the 200m will cause the 20m to evaporate in no time... hence, the risk is astronomical.
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    Bernd Gruner
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    Directed to Dr. Harawey and anyone else who wishes to know about the inner workings of such arrangements in more detail:

    I can provide you with an extensive document which presents facts and details as to how these placements come about and what is involved in completing one successfully.

    Upon request I am glad to provide you with a copy.

    Best regards,

    Bernd Gruener
    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    One of our Buyer wish to buy D2 and JP54 in huge quantity on contract basis. the buyer
    prefer to buy from ARAMCO but from any refinery in Middle East to be considered.
    Kindly treat the matter most urgent
    Muhammad Aslam Memon
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