Clean Energy Project

Clean Energy Project

CleanEnergy Project (CEP) counts more than 47,000 members (March 2013) and is the largest business network in renewable energy, cleantech, sustainability and environment in Germany. CEP provides networking events, expert and stakeholder roundtables, an online trade magazin with daily news and bi-monthly newsletters reaching more than 40,000 business contacts. CEP is supported by the IT and Cleantech PR agency GlobalCom PR Network in Munich, an international PR & marketing communications agency with 45 partners reaching 60 countries world-wide. GlobalCom PR Network is specializing in cleantech PR and information technologies and provides PR and communications services to promote and enter new markets, especially in cleantech, renewable energy, sustainability, environment, and information technologies.

New members can join on XING, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and also on the CleanEnergy Project portal Website, which provides additional services like a project database, event calendar, cleantech jobs and other functions. Registered members on CEP can post jobs, events, projects or write and place articles and become CleanEnergy Project authors.

CleanEnergy Project is run by GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH and its global PR network providing cleantech PR services and communication programs ICT, healthcare, consumer, electronics and other industries. The project was founded by Ralf Hartmann in 2008 who is financing the project independly. (August 2011)

The membership at CleanEnergy Project is free of charge.


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