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  • Colin Barnes
    Colin Barnes
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    20 Feb 2007, 08:48 am
    Wall Beds arrive in Dubai
    At Elan Interiors we have been asked to design many a building across the Emirates. We hit a major problem when designing studio flats... how do you make these look nice?

    When you enter a studio the first thing you see is a double bed.... which in itself takes up an enormous amount of room. We at Elan have now the remedy, we have set up a factory in Al Quoz to service the UAE with Wall beds.

    During the day the bed is lifted into the wall disguising it as a cabinet. You now have released valuable floor space for daytime/evening use, and a simple operation of lowering the bed prior to retiring for the night.

    Not only this we can attach to the bed cabinet a Dining table/Office table thereby giving your room a dual purpose.

    We import the mechanism and build the rest to the customers preference be it colour type of cabinet/wardrobe etc etc

    For more information on the wall beds or design related issues or if you just want to know how Portsmouth Football Club are doing contact me direct
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