The forum for all interested e.g.

The group serves professionals, patients, guests and members, for example, as follows:
• you are looking for competent advice and information about the orthodontics?
• They are orthodontist and you want your team and your practice?
• You are looking e.g. Trainees, professionals, business contacts, cooperation, ...?
• Are you looking for a seminar, event, training, further education or training?
• They offer seminars, events, information, training and education?
• They offer products, software, goods and services?
• You want to e.g. about treatment options?
• You want your treatment as favorable as possible finance?
• Do you have any questions or problems and need help?

The group is particularly e.g.:
• dentists,orthodontists, surgeons maxilla facial
• patients of Orthodontics, as well as their relatives
• dental technicians, assistants, laboratory assistants and staff
• Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, appliances and accessories
• professionals; journalism and prospects around the dentistry
• doctors, professors and scientists at universities
• developer of innovative treatment systems and diagnostics
• users of orthodontic diagnosis
• Department journalists from the trade magazines and trade press

The group on all issues related e.g.:
• alternative treatment methods that avoid X-rays
• opportunities for diagnosis
• Scientific contributions, articles
• braces, brackets, fixed Sitting treatment equipment
• implants, bonesplit,sinus lift,
• lingual
• Invisalign
• Incognito
• Torqueontrol
• ceramic braces, transparent braces
• retention
• aesthetic plastic surgery

The group represents such as dentist in:
• Aachen, eels, Arnsberg, Augsburg, Argentina, Egypt, America, Australia ...
• Berlin, Bremen, Bad Homburg, Bielefeld, Bocholt, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Barcelona ...
• Castrop-Rauxel, Celle, Chemnitz, Cottbus, Cuxhaven, Costa Rica, Chile, China ...
• Darmstadt, Dinslaken, Dortmund, Dresden, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Denmark, Dubai ...
• Erfurt, Erlangen, food, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Estonia, England ...
• Flensburg, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Friedrichshafen, Fulda, Fuerth, Finland, France ...
• Gelsenkirchen, Gera, Göppingen, Goettingen, Gotha, Grevenbroich, Gütersloh, Greece ...
• Hagen, Halle, Hamburg, Hameln, Hamm, Hanover, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Hildesheim, Hong Kong ...
• Ingolstadt, Iserlohn, Innsbruck, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ireland, Indonesia, India ...
• Jena, Jever, Jülich, Jordan, Yemen, Jamaica, Japan ...
• Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Kiel, Koblenz, Cologne, Constance, Kuwait, Croatia, Korea, Canada ...
• Leipzig, Leverkusen, Lindau, Ludwigsburg, Luebeck, Lüneburg, Ludwigshafen, Germany, Luxembourg ...
• Magdeburg, Mainz, Mannheim, Marburg, Minden, Muelheim, Munich, Munster, Malta, Mexico, Madrid, Menorca, Mallorca ...
• Neu-Ulm, Neuss, Norderstedt, Nuremberg, Namibia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway ...
• Oberhausen Offenbach, Offenburg, Oldenburg, Osnabrueck, Oman, Austria ...
• Paderborn, Pforzheim, Potsdam, Germany, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Philippines, Poland ...
• Ravensburg, Regensburg, Rheine, Remscheid, Rostock, Ruesselsheim, Romania, Russia ...
• Sylt, Saarbrücken, Schwerin, Siegen, Solingen, Stuttgart, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain ...
• Trier, Troisdorf, Tuebingen, Tyrol, Taiwan, Thai country, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Turkey ...
• Ulm, Unna, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Hungary, USA ...
• Velbert, Viersen, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates ...
• Wesel, Wetzlar, Wiesbaden, Wilhelmshaven, Witten, Wolfsburg, Germany, Wuerzburg, Vienna ...
• Xanten Zwickau, Central Africa, Cyprus,United states of America, New York, San Francisko,
• England London.

Welcome to this group.
Your Moderator Dr. Thorsten Brandt Orthodontist Wiesbaden,
and Clinica Orthotec Palma de Mallorca


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