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dropping knowledge

Are brands more powerful than governments? Is egoism the reason for human failure? Who is profiting from terrorism? Is there something better than democracy? What if all Chinese people want a car? What is today´s most unreported story? How objective is science? What is god´s religion?

dropping knowledge is a global initiative to support the free and open sharing of knowledge among the people of the world. Born out of the unprecedented democratizing power of the Internet, dropping knowledge employs advanced web-technology to empower the global public to ask the questions that matter to them and seek new solutions through community dialog.



Supporting dropping knowledge means that you recognize your own responsibility in addressing issues that matter to you and wish to join in a conversation about them. By supporting dropping knowledge, you help raise awareness of causes and initiatives around the world and also of the people behind them. With your commitment, you inspire others to get involved — to act to create change.

dropping knowledge is a non-profit organization supported by private foundations, socially responsible corporations and dedicated individuals. In every case, the relationship is reciprocally inspiring and beneficial. If you represent a company or organization, you can help us by providing resources as well as expertise and know-how.

More information at http://www.droppingknowledge.org


dropping knowledge´s international, multimedia outreach campaign – ask yourself – has been empowering people all over the world to raise the questions that matter to them. Watch our copyleft commercials featuring director Wim Wenders, activist and author Arundhati Roy, green tech investor Bill Joy, actress Daryl Hannah, artist DJ Spooky Miller and many more.

In order to seed a diverse global dialog covering the questions that matter, dropping knowledge brought together 112 visionaries to engage with 100 questions collected from the international public. The Table of Free Voices Archive is offering more than 11.000 inspiring video answers.

To get an impression of this unique gathering and access many more pioneering media, please visit: http://www.droppingknowledge.org


Are we really to believe that those few who sit atop influential organizations governing the world have all the answers to today´s problems? What if there was a way to harvest the creativity and ideas of all people, to gather the world´s knowledge in one place, and make it freely accessible to everyone?

dropping knowledge was created to provide a forum to ignite global discussion and cultivate a community of action. Seeded by the questions and answers from the Table of Free Voices, this global dialog forum is open to everyone as a way to organize thoughts and efforts towards expanding civic engagement worldwide.

Ask yourself. Ask the world. Join the dialog.


dropping knowledge operates as an international non-governmental organization with 100% stakeholder perspective. A public resource, it cannot be owned and is freely accessible to all for all time. dropping knowledge's Founding Partner is the Allianz Group. Its Founding Supporters are the Mark & Sharon Bloome Fund and the Wallace Global Fund.

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