European Business Association Cambridge

European Business Association Cambridge

Our Cambridge-based society was founded in October 1999. EBAC gathers potential high-flyers of an international range of both graduate and post-graduate students, most of them speaking at least two languages. We are convinced that addressing and involving students on the verge of entering professional life is something immensely valuable, which both sides can benefit from.

We are international undergraduate and post-graduate students from across Europe with various academic backgrounds (e.g. Int. Business/Law/Management etc.). We currently have more than 600 members. Having lived and studied in different countries, our members are flexible fast-learners, fluent in at least two languages and committed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Companies who have visited us describe us as potential employees, who offer enthusiasm, interest and enterprise.

In order to stay abreast of current developments, we are pleased to offer our members a wide variety of thought-provoking events, aiming to broaden our knowledge and skills:

* a range of presentations in various fields
* interpersonal skills development workshops
* company visits
* active involvement in planning, organising and leading of projects

For more information please visit and please also check out our group "EBAC"at

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