Energy Storage

Energy Storage

International Conference & Exhibition for the Storage of Energy, 25 to 27 March 2014, Düsseldorf.

International Summit for the Storage of Renewable energies and their importance for the transformation of our energy system. Main topic of the “Energy Storage” are news and discussions about energy storage technologies in relation to the development of the energy industry.

Memebers can take part in discussions, announce interesting events or present their job offers. The news service that is free of charge delivers interesting topics. Networking is part of the everyday business life.

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Visitor target groups

The target of the first summit “Energy Storage” is to show what future energy supply can look like, based on renewable energies and what role energy storage technologies play in this industry.

The most important players from the fields of science and industry will share their knowledge and bring current hot topics up for discussion. Accompanying research institutes and companies present their developments and products in the field of energy storage. The target-groups are as follows:

  • Energy sector (representatives from PV, wind, biomass etc.)

  • Manufactures of components from the (regenerative) gas industry

  • Manufacturers of electrolyzers and fuel cells

  • Carrier of gas distribution systems

  • Suppliers of gas-components

  • Power plant and supply managements of utility companies

  • Public utility companies

  • Carrier of electricity grids

  • High-performance battery manufacturer

  • Collective facilities/public institutions

  • Cities

  • Research institutes

  • Facility manager

  • Research and development

  • Universities

Further target groups

  • Manufacturer of thermal storage devices

  • Manufactures for components for compressors, generators, block heating stations

  • Consulting and services

  • Media

  • Associations

  • Enterprises

  • Ministries

  • Housing societies


  • 04 Apr 2014

    Energy Storage 2014: Industry Calls for Better Regulatory Framework for Energy Storage

    In his closing speech at this year's Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber, Chairman of the Energy Storage Program Committee, President of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) and Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, stated that: “The energy storage market is in the same situation today as photovoltaics was ten years ago; only development in the area of storage must proceed significantly faster.”

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  • 01 Apr 2014

    Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA) is Established to Advance International Collaboration on Clean Energy Policies and Program

    The newly created Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA) has been established as an international non-profit organization to bring together many of the world’s leading energy storage and clean energy industry associations to advance education, collaboration, and proven frameworks about the benefits of energy storage.

    Further information:

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