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  • Iris Klein
    Iris Klein    Group moderator
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    11 Sep 2011, 11:21 pm
    Remembering 9/11
    Hi everybody,
    if at all there is one date we all remember where we were it is 9/11. 10 years ago the unbelievable happened and up to this day it remains unbelievable and I believe it always will.

    Today we should remember those who lost their lifes - including those who have survived physically, but will have to endure the psycological consequences for the rest of their days and never manage to get back on their feet, because of what they went thru.

    What are your memories?
    How has your life changed/ been affected?
    Did your perspective change?
    Can you share an inspiring story?

    I think I´m speaking for everybody when I say: My heart goes out to everybody affected by this terrible incident. The world will not forget about you.

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