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GIS and Location Based Technology

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  • Paul Spence
    Paul Spence
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    29 Jan 2006, 9:45 pm
    GPS vs. Galileo
    I am new to the interesting field of GIS and interested in thinking about convergence applications of this technology.

    Recently there has been much fanfare about the forthcoming Galileo system. Can someone please give an opinion on whether or not this system will ever come to pass. What is the view amongst the GIS community?

    Will Galileo have a completely different set of standards to GPS? It often seems to be the case that Europe and U.S. can not agree on such things (for example aviation standards).
  • Bastian Huck
    Bastian Huck
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    24 Feb 2006, 3:31 pm
    Re: GPS vs. Galileo
    Dear Paul,

    with the first Galileo satellite started in december 2005 and due to the statements of the Galileo concessionaire it is quite sure that the Galileo system will be fully operable around 2010. Actually the EU and USA have agreed on having compatible satellite systems. The greatest benefit of hybrid GPS/GALILEO receivers will be more available satellite signals for the position determination.

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  • Dr. Patrick Maué
    Dr. Patrick Maué    Group moderator
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    29 Nov 2006, 11:08 pm
    Re: GPS vs. Galileo

    At last year's Intergeo I've seen a presentation about a chip which is able to interprete positional data from all current and upcoming systems: GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS.

    So, I think as user you are going to be able to take advantage of all systems, which means better precision, availability (and therefore reliability). If you are able to pay for it.

    But you won't be able to use, for example, a GPS device with Galileo positioning signals.

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  • Bayo Surakatu
    Bayo Surakatu    Premium Member   Group moderator
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    23 Dec 2007, 5:58 pm
    Re^3: GPS vs. Galileo
    Very Intereting topic,

    I did a project last year on the Geodetic Evaluation of GPS ,GLONASS and a combination of GPS/GLONASS using several Baselines. It is most important to observe certain points, for example how to resove the ambiguities in their resolution and the framework on which both systems could operate.Now with the issue of the Galileo,it definitely brings more strenght to the GNSS but there must be a Framework that the hbrid of GPS/GAlileo/GLONASS could operate on,and then comes agaain resolving resolution ambiguities,cycle slips etc.

    In terms of Geodetic performances e.g Root mean Square Precision analysis, the Galileo if eventually full in constellation would overcome the GPS and Glonass.That is why the USa makes the project GPSIII more urgent and sophisticated in its operational capabilities.Well Recievers that would operate in a framwork recieving data from the 3 systems would be a great boost to our Positioning world.I cant wait to get hold of thefuture dynamic power of the GNSS.

    But if the cooperation between these GNSS offerers are established ,then we could be rest assured of unravelling the mysteries of our Positioning arena.
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