Global Business Women

Global Business Women

What brings over 15,200 women together?

Ladies! Global Business Women (GBW) is one the largest and active English groups on XING setup in June 2006 with the purpose to 'spark meaningful dialogue' and connect you with other XING female members on business and personal topics.

The highlight of the group is our weekly 'Positive Monday Booster' to kick start your week on positive note. Often a deep and meaningful discussion on important things you wouldn't normally think about.

GBW could be a base for you in XING.. And it's for ladies only whether you are a premium member or not. You'll be one click away from any member in XING - male or female.

Our community values to be be thoughtful and respectful to each another.

So. What's in it for you?

• It's buzzing. It's alive. Your daily dose of inspiration within XING.
• A private, secure community of dynamic 'down to earth' professional women
• Your connection to inspiring women from different regions around the world
• Discussions of various business topics with real life stories and questions
• Diverse members globally with different views, experience levels and ages
• and if your 2nd language is English, you can practice your English!

And. What GBW is 'not' about

• A hard core business group
• In depth discussions about one topic
• Just one point of view, industry or culture
• Venting about men
• Paid advertisements or paid sponsorship
• A 'typical' women's group

Why you should join this group:

Firstly, you can learn how to network on XING in less that 5 minutes by reading an article written by a XING expert. Over 15,200 women have found this group and met the criteria to successfully join. You'll find over 19,000 member postings. 98% of the content is posted by our members. The most popular article had over 2,668 hits and 107 responses!

How to join:

Access to this group is and always will be free. Every woman is invited to join and belong to this special group. We require you have a photo of you in your profile and at least two contacts on Xing.

You must be curious now. Wouldn't you be? So click to join and please do leave us a message. Within 7 days we will check your photo and contacts and confirm your membership if you meet the criteria.

We proudly support

The creation of this group was inspired by The Hunger Project ( The ideology that is used to empower women in the developing world to end their own hunger can serve as a catalyst for the empowerment of women in the developed world to affect positive change.

Comments from our members:

Be sure to check out current topics being discussed in this group like 'Another unspoken rule of networking' ...
... "I'm so glad to have found this thread. As a new networker, it's best to learn the rules before I make some of these mistakes and get a bad reputation. What other faux pas should I avoid?" [Becky]

"My sister made me curious about this group, because she's repeatedly telling me that she spends hours reading and communicating within this group. So that's why I want to take a look, and hopefully it will also brighten up my life with very interesting topics and discussions." [Tanja]

I am a woman! I am smart! I am international! and I am fantastic good looking :) I am the perfect member!

"I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the
aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker."- Helen Keller


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Please note that Xing is a business network and you profit best from such a network when you have a filled profile. Which is of course at your choice to fill. We only request a photo and that you made two contacts prior to joining, so we can see that you are a real person.
You do not need to be a premium member to join GBW.
General membership is free.

About the XING business network

Welcome to the Global Business Women on XING, the business network for professionals. Global Business Women is one of thousands of groups on XING, where millions of members from over 200 countries around the world can share expertise and make contact. Join Global Business Women and discuss interesting topics with experts and similarly minded professionals.

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