Internationale Lounge Hamburg

Internationale Lounge Hamburg

Welcome to the International Lounge Hamburg!

Hamburg is a multicultural gateway to the world which presented itself as being the ideal city for the International Lounge which was founded here on January, 19th, 2009.

With the Hamburg International events series, that started in August 2009, we offer the opportunity AKTIVELY to inform yourself about the specifics and phenomenas of other countries. Attending one of our ambitious and extraordinary events provides you first hand information by drawing on the knowledge and support of experts from theses who live here in Hamburg.

Within the framework of our activities you will find possibilities for international business contacts, foreign language exchanges, to support international aid projects, for multicultural events and multinational communications in general. We are always open to your topics, ideas, suggestions but also to constructive criticism and controversial issues.

We look forward to you presentation in our forums and to many interesting possibilities for mutural exchange.

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