Job opportunities or economic investment, first-hand the great potential of some foreign countries. It is true that some markets are very volatile, but with good strategies and with the help of experts and connoisseurs, you can get extraordinary results. We selected the main markets of interest: construction, sale and purchase of real estate and tourism opportunities. The potential of these countries do not stop here and all those who feel able to introduce new topics relevant to the interests of the group are welcome. The important thing is wanting to take up the challenge, THE NEW WORLD wants to help those who feel they participate or deepen these issues.
Willingness to invest economically in Latin America, the United Arab Emirates or other situations that may be of interest to the group. Desire to invest their time working actively for selected countries. Having knowledge of markets and laws of themselves and want to share with the group. Being interested in the work and objectives of THE NEW WORLD, although for other purposes, but with a willingness to share them members of it.
Bring together people and companies who have interest in work or invest in various regions of the world, mainly in Latin America today and UAE. Through the exchange of ideas and information, with teamwork, we want to achieve excellent results at both individual and for the group, each using the knowledge learned, as well as possible collaborations by the group. Plunge into reality in which it would have important results, with the working group is to improve the trend and aim higher.
In a world in constant change, be flexible and open to new realities gives the opportunity to exploit new opportunities, without getting trapped in trends in traditional markets.
A good selection that filters participation in the group, giving priority to those who have a product to offer, or searching for a product offered, as well as experts from various countries. Putting in contact persons or companies that have the same interests or goals, with a careful restraint and challenging we have the goal of creating a team working together.

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