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  • Anna Strachowska
    Anna Strachowska
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    The International Mediation Alliance (IMA) aims at promoting the development of cross-border mediation and harmonizing at the European level conflict resolution methods in their various fields of application.
    In this perspective, and to provide an opportunity for sharing information, academic research and know-how necessary for the development of mediation across Europe, IMA organizes on

    June 14th-15th, 2012 in Berlin, Germany (Holiday Inn Berlin Aiport)

    the second international conference on: "Online and Cross-Border Mediation"

    This conference, in tradition of the first European Conference on Cross-Border Mediation in 2011 in Florence, Italy, will be composed of plenary presentations and a series of workshops held by practitioners and researchers from all over Europe. This time, the conference will focus especially on Online-Mediation and Cross-Border Mediation, including their possible limits. Workshops can focus on either of the following themes:


    * tools, techniques, application

    * online-video mediation

    legal issues in cross-border mediations

    * the EU directive and its implementation in different European countries

    * enforceability of agreements in cross-border mediations

    * legal limits of mediation in cross-border mediations

    intercultural issues
    * mediation techniques and mediation styles in an intercultural context

    * role of the mediator

    cross-border mediation in different fields of practice

    * mediation and business (customer-supplier-relationships, labour relationships)

    * family mediation

    * mediation, environment and territories

    co-mediation (techniques, role of the mediator)

    These workshops should be practice-oriented and interactive and can gather viewpoints from researchers and practitioners. Workshops may be managed by one person or more, in different formats (debate, multi-speaker presentations, co-organization, etc.). Each workshop will last 90 minutes and will be held either in English or in German (for other languages, translation will be necessary).

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