IT Management (knowledge, networking and leading IT)

IT Management (knowledge, networking and leading IT)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

welcome to IT-Management Forum@XING. Over 4.000 members and 2.500 articles and discussions show the power and potential of this group at XING. IT management – consist of leaders, managers and interested prospects – has accepted networking on the social networking platform XING.

Today we have mainly German content and postings, because XING has been a German social network. But all most every of our colleagues is able to read and write English, too.

We have 300 expats in the whole world and nearly 100 international people of many other countries with IT management background and experiences inside.

Today we are branching out worldwide and in a view month later we will have the some response in English.

Please, feel free to send questions, suggestions, ideas and... typing errors and mistranslations. By the way, we are on the outlook to find a English native speaking and writing co-moderator for this group!

We are looking forward to meet you virtual at „IT Management Forum@XING“

Sincerely yours /
Best Regards

Dipl.-Kfm. Eckhart Mehler
Hamburg, 15th March 2010

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