anYKon°4free - economy and finance; the mr§tee ramseyer concept

anYKon°4free - economy and finance; the mr§tee ramseyer concept

discuss and advise on economy as well as business administration topics

1.0. economy - [combined macro and micro interaction; no separation]
Instructive instruction based on experienced knowledge, personally researched and implemented procedures based on studying, developing while on the job, tried and errored before successfully invented and run for the benefit of the system, employer and other market participants

1.1. macro - discussion of macro economic activity [interaction politicians, central banks, unions, capital, workers]

2.0. micro economy - discussion of micro economic activity [interaction as above focussed on the knittygritty]

2.1. inventions explained - documentation of personally on the job developed procedures successfully implemented and run to the benefit of market participants. the focus will be on problems arising with start-ups as well.

2.2. new stunning simple approach to establish and finance start-ups by applying the zero balance mr§tee thomas ramseyer-volkart concept (copyright thomas ramseyer-volkart) will be discussed.


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