Club Galicia Internacional

Club Galicia Internacional

The Group "Club Galicia Internacional" was born on November 2, 2006 in the Professional Portal Neurona as "a point of professionals' meeting that can generate added value to the commercial relations that have as origin or destination the Autonomous Community of Galicia (Spain) to promote its products and services or to introduce new products and pretending to be a space to share knowledge, experiences and information among professionals and businessmen, and to promote commercial initiatives ". The success of this project complements itself with the creation of an Association linked to the professionals' international promotion and Galician businessmen and to the promotion of "Galicia”, providing the Entity and its partners of attitudes and aptitudes to turn the international frame into a daily and habitual part of the frame of operations of the business and sitting the necessary basis for the communication and relation on new exterior markets, minimizing the risks and dangers, settling a "Club" as a stamp of guarantee, from independent initiative, of recognized prestige worldwide, characterizing its partners for their exclusive commitment with the quality of products and services, for the development of the human Galician resources and for the fulfillment of an ethical and professional code with periodic monitorings.

We initiate our activity in Xing after the integration of the professional platform Neurona on March 29, 2008 with 30 active foros, 315 incomes and around 1.500 members with presence in 41 countries.


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