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  • Oliver Langert
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    05 Sep 2010, 1:31 pm
    Vegetable production in Ethiopia
    Looking for business partner to start a new farm projekt in Ethiopia!

    Rift Valley Garden is the first venture that has set targets to become a major producer and exporter of fresh vegetable and fruit from Ethiopia and other east African countries to the growing markets of Europe and the Middle East. The food market is showing very strong growth but suffers from unpredictable supply due to the prevailing climate conditions in the major exporting countries. Our strategy is to select locations with optimal growing conditions to ensure reliable and high quality production and to develop highly reliable production and delivery channels.

    Rift Valley Garden is committed to the principles of sustainable development: through Fair Trade operations and strong community participation in the business.

    Our first project, the Rift Valley Garden in Ethiopia, involves the development of a community hold land of 1000 ha vegetable and fruit production. The products will be exported by reefer containers, via Djibouti (650km) and by airfreight via Addis Abeba International Airport (150km).

    The key highlights of Rift Valley Garden are:

    We can provide a reliable supply of quality products all year round because:
    The climate in the Upper Awash is ideal for growing fruit and vegetable, being dry but with plentiful supplies of irrigation water. High level of sun ensure fruit and vegetable of best quantity and quality, there is a low seasonal weather variation.
    Vegetable and fruit production in the Upper Awash isn´t vulnerable to adverse weather patterns such as those that occur in Latin America and Asia.

    A strong involvement of the local community by
    The Rift Valley Garden Community Fund
    The participation of local farmers as Share Holder, through the contribution of farm land
    We have received strong support from highest levels in the Ethiopian federal and regionalgovernment. All our products will be Fair Trade certificated. We will also be ISO 9001 certified.
    Rift Valley Garden will focus on the production of premium quality fruit and vegetable.
    Rift Valley Garden will place all products under the Brand, export as well domestic market.
    Rift Valley Garden will add value by developing a vegetable processing on a long run such as
    washing, cutting and packing – ready for super market
    IQF – blanching and freezing – ready to cook

    For further questons, contact me via email:

    Oliver Langert
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