Piazza Italiana

Piazza Italiana

The Italian “Piazzas” are not only the center of a town or village that offers their space for the weekly market or for parking places; they are also the center, where a large part of a citizen’s life takes place. The “Piazzas” are meeting and starting point. They are the place, where you can sit at the cafes or restaurants of the Piazza, to spend a few cheerful hours with friends. They are the place, where you can sit on benches or steps to enjoy the sun or watch the people passing or where you can meet with a group to go on a cultural or artistic sight-seeing tour of the town. The Piazzas offer history, art and traditions at the same time.

Just like the Piazzas, our group would like to be not only a meeting point, but also offer all the other benefits that the Piazzas offer and at the same time an exchange of the Italian lifestyle and also of the language for anyone who would like to learn, refresh or deepen their Italian knowledge. For this reason the language of the group is exclusively Italian.

If you would also like to practise and deepen your knowledge of Italian and go on this linguistic and cultural tour through Italy with us, then please do not hesitate to join our group.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you!

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