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As you may be aware, there are several web2.0 forums and project management groups on Xing - however, there is as of yet no platform where these two topics are combined in one group.

Projects in the Cloud takes this discussion to a new level. Project managers, change managers, communication managers, stakeholders, project support employees, project team members, consultants and other project fans can share their online collaboration and communication ideas and experience in projects.

Follow the discussions with topics like:

- Which online project collaboration tools will help you improve your project effectiveness?
- How can you increase the quality of project communication?
- Are low-priced solutions as good as they say they are?
- How to improve innovation in your project organization?
- My experience with …. Projectplace, Jira, Zoho, 1Portal4You, Confluence, etc.
- Tips and tricks to impress your stakeholders with smart online information
- How to set-up a website for your project in 1 week?
- How to integrate Prince2 in an online webbased solution?

Or start your own discussions in this group.

By allowing people, with working experience in projects, to post within several (yet to be established) categories, this group intends to create a platform for interested readers, project- and business people worldwide, project fans alike for dialogue - and in turn will hopefully promote the Xing concept, by getting people attracted to new group sites which they have been interested in through the posted articles.

For job seekers (project managers, change managers, communication experts, consultants) in the trade, it is a nice way of displaying their talent - and talented people may subsequently receive the recognition they have been looking for in other areas right here, through this group.

To post articles or essays in the group Projects in the Cloud, you have to become a member. The content may be viewed by all - which allows for maximum exposure for the authors. However, comments and feedback is only possible from members.

Please contact the moderator to join - we would love to have you, and welcome you onboard, embracing the new way of working in projects!


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