Research project "Smart Globalizing" - Human Factors in international Business Networks - Leuphana University Lueneburg

Research project "Smart Globalizing" - Human Factors in international Business Networks - Leuphana University Lueneburg

Doing business international implies interacting with people from all over the world. More and more companies experience that this simple fact is accountable for a wide range of problems that they are experiencing in their global day-to-day work.

- Intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts are caused by different working styles, communication styles or leadership styles. Thus, expatriates and global interfaces have to be prepared for the challenges of intercultural management (e.g. training, coaching, E-Learning)

- Business processes that are designed in a certain environment (e.g. Germany) should not be adapted to China, Russia or other countries without reference to local conditions, unless time-and cost-intensive problems ought to be avoided

- Communication and cooperation with international supply-chain partners such as suppliers is a complex task that has to be addressed with descent attention. Money invested to strengthen the relationship to suppliers and the building of trust will pay off in the future

- Global Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Venture etc. carry the risk of failure (if not conducted with respect to the Human Factor) just as the potential for synergetic innovation. But synergies will not enfold without the usage of appropriate concepts and tools (harmonizing-workshops, Change Management)

- Diversity Management becomes more and more a decisive factor in the war for talent and the struggle for innovation. Unfortunately, current concepts are to static and do not unleash the potential of intercultural teams

Core Objectives

In the research project “SmartGlobalizing” the above mentioned topics are addressed. We work in cooperation with international scientists and business partners to develop a set of intercultural tools and methods, including:

- Cooperation analysis and benchmarks

- Harmonization and Synergizing-Workshops

- Trainings and Coachings (E-Coaching) to strengthen the
intercultural competencies of Expats and global interfaces

- E-Learning Modules (Case Studies with conflict scenarios)

- Standards and methods fpr intercultural process design

- Intercultural Change-concepts

- Best Practices in Intercultural Diversity Management

Please find the project-webside using the following link:


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