Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Read. -- Engage. -- Discuss.

Social Media (SM) Monitoring Group – Join here now IF:

==== => using better tools and smarter methods than the next guy for benchmarking SM is what you must have.

This group helps YOU build and maintain your social capital ==>

===> If your profile has neither a picture nor do you allow us to send you an e-mail, we will turn down your application ..... because this disallows us to network with you by, for instance, not being able to send you our newsletter <====

Rules of Engagement: When you post a discussion or a question, please make sure it is an actual discussion. Do not post glorified infomercials.
===> The more we share and care, the more we can all benefit from each other. So pls. contribute.

What is social networking: engagement pure, do not be a free-rider or stranger, one comment/contribution a week is what we expect from YOU, if you cannot measure up to this, pls do not join :-)
PS. We focus on: 4 rules for successful social networkers ==>

Thank you for being a member. We hope our relationship here will be a catalyst for many good things to come your way.

===>>> “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count. Everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”
(by Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein, sign hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton) <<<<===


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