Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing - One of the major activity of the software development life cycle.  A crucial activity that can change the whole business perspective, if it is not done properly!!

Even though it is a very important activity, development teams and organizations find it difficult to allow the necessary time to do it properly.  This increases the pressure on the testing team.  Every day presents new challenges to them.  In an ever changing business scenario, the demands from the customers are very high.  Meeting them and making sure that it happened properly are real challenges to the testing teams.
Let's try to create a pool of like-minded people, who have the same passion and pain.  Let's try to create a podium to exchange our views.  By sharing our experience and knowledge, let's move up in the value chain!
We appreciate your contributions in the following areas:
New trends in the software testing area
Possibilities of software test automation
Lessons learned from the personal experiences
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