Advertising- Designing, Printing, Exhibtions, Events

Advertising- Designing, Printing, Exhibtions, Events

This group is for all the people who are in the field of Advertising, Designing, Printing, Exhibitions, Events, Branding etc to enable people to talk about new trends and tech in the market that will affect the industry. This forum is designed to enable the people in the field connect with each other and develop avenues to overcome constraints affecting their growth in the market.

Members of the group are - - - advertising and media professionals - - - :

- creative designers
- creative managers
- art directors
- marketing managers
- production managers
- copywriters
- Printers
- Exhibition Organiser and Designers
- Event Organiser

Anyone can give their inputs to this Industry

Our goal is to achieve tremendous inputs from members to create better understanding of the subject and better fulfullment of task. "Single we are numbered, however Together we can achieve ANYTHING" is our motto.

Our Tasks includes:

• Help Organisation develop their Brand Equity in the Market, Creating scopes and avenues that could better promote their product in more realisting manner in order to achieve the share of mind of consumer.
• We understand your business; your needs, your positioning strategy, so as to give you better results in terms of designing various categories; to create your identity and imitate your belief and philosophy in capturing your target audience.
• Enhance the competitiveness
• Integration of marketing mix to promote organizations and expand the size of the market.
• Corporate Image Building & Product Brand Building
• Designing & Printing
• Exhibition Stall Designing and Fabrication
• Event Management / Trade Shows
• Promotional Activities

Vishal Panchal
Head- Marketing
For Tejaswi


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