Travel Industry Club

Travel Industry Club

The Travel Industry Club associates and unites the entire Travel Industry. It offers an excellent networking platform for decision makers. Main objective is to increase the awareness and highlight the economic importance of business and leisure travel.

Aims & Benefits

The main aim of the Travel Industry Club is to provide an independent and unbiased networking platform for the diverse range of companies, individuals and assocaitions that are part of the travel industry. These are the main benefits in becoming a member of the Travel Industry Club:

Communication Platform
– Intensifying existing individual contacts
– Initiation of new business contacts
Knowledge Platform
- Speeches
- Symposiums
- Studies & Research
- Promotion of students
Travel Industry Manager of the year
- Travel Industry Manager
- Sales & Marketing Manager
- Business Travel Manager
- Best Marketing Campaign
- Best Practice
- Media Awards
- Lifetime Award
Travel Industry DNA
-Travel Hall of Fame

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